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GED® Exam Preparation

What is the GED?

The GED® is a certificate of high school equivalency for individuals who have not completed high school. The exam consists of four separate tests, one for each of the following areas: Social Studies, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA).

GED® exam preparation in English or Spanish is offered through individualized and classroom instruction in the areas of reading, writing, math, computer technology, social studies, and science.

What to get enrolled? Your first step is to apply online.

Why take the GED?

The GED® is a good option if you have strong academic skills and want to gain a high school equivalency certificate through testing of your knowledge. It may also be a good option if you are under 21 and who are unable to complete high school through other options. If you have a GED® you can still pursue a high school diploma through the HS21+ or the Open Doors program at SVC. While the GED® is accepted by many employers and institutions of higher education in lieu of a high school diploma, it may not be accepted by some employers or for military service.

How to take the GED exams

GED® examinations in English or Spanish are offered in the SVC testing centers on the Mount Vernon and Whidbey Island campuses.

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Contact Information

Amber Randall
Academic Advisor: High School Completion (habla español)

Lleni Zavala
Student Success Navigator, Open Doors

What to get enrolled? Your first step is to apply online.

For information, please email: or call 360.416.7654.