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MySVC Student Toolbox

The Student Toolbox is your one-stop place to access everything you need to get started with classes. The following services are available via the MySVC Student Toolbox:

  • Unofficial Transcripts: Your grades at the end of the quarter.
  • Schedule Current & Past: Your class schedule.
  • Student ID (SID) Lookup: Your SVC student Identification Number.
  • Placement Test Scores: Placement for English and Math.
  • View Registration Date/Time: the Earliest possible date you can register for classes. This date is NOT an appointment time to see your SVC advisor. We recommend you make an appointment to see your advisor prior to this date to get your Running Start Enrollment Form and SVC Registration form signed.
  • Check/Drop Waitlists: If you are on a waitlist, it will show your position on the list.
  • Open Class List: Bird’s eye view of all open classes for the upcoming quarter.
  • Closed Class List: Cancelled or full classes for the upcoming quarter.
  • Educational Plan: Your 2-year Ed Plan shown quarter by quarter.
  • Progress Tracker (Degree Audit): Check your degree progress each quarter.

Visit the MySVC Student Toolbox

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