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Public Service and Social Science

Caring people, making communities stronger


Have you always wanted to serve your community? Maybe you have dreamed of being a firefighter, or you felt service through law enforcement was a desirable path. Perhaps you wanted to help others make their lives better with compassionate counseling and guidance. If this sounds like you, we can help you decide.


Public Safety

For many people, SVC is the first step in their journey toward a firefighting or law enforcement academy. Could it be yours?

Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy

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Serving those in need is a core value for many people. Whether it’s outreach to disadvantaged people or counseling those with addiction, you can work to change lives.

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Social Sciences

You can help other make better choices—that might be helping them with career counseling, student advising, or navigating a complex workplace. Understanding complex social interactions is the key.



Political Science