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Qtr/Item Course Title/Description Status Day/Time LC / IE Campus Rm Inst Cr Request Section
Summer  #1586 WMATH 100 A Prof/tech Applied Math Open W 9:30AM MV Hybrid L226 Halliday H 5 Request
Summer  #3539 WMATH 100 DE Prof/tech Applied Math Open ARRANGED N/A Online Grimshaw Z 5 Request
Summer  #7170 WMATH 100 DW1 Prof/tech Applied Math Open TWTh 8:30AM WHID H108 Larson K 5 Request
Summer  #7172 WMATH 100 DW3 Prof/tech Applied Math Open MW 5:30PM WHID H108 Foote B 5 Request
Summer  #7173 WMATH 100 DW4 Prof/tech Applied Math Open TTh 5:30PM WHID H108 Larson K 5 Request
Schedule Search Results Table
Dept Num Sec Qtr & Item Cr Status Campus Detail
WMATH  100  A Summer  #1586 5 Open MV Hybrid view
WMATH  100  DE Summer  #3539 5 Open Online view
WMATH  100  DW1 Summer  #7170 5 Open WHID view
WMATH  100  DW3 Summer  #7172 5 Open WHID view
WMATH  100  DW4 Summer  #7173 5 Open WHID view

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