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Student Conferences

Queer I am Conference


Queer I Am aims to create a liberating space that engages Queer individuals and their many communities in developing a sense of belonging and pride in Queer culture.

This year the conference will take place at Clark College, Vancouver Wa on November 17th-18th.

Registration dates for the 2017 Queer I am Conference coming soon!

 Previous workshop titles include:

  • Trans 101
  • LGBTQ 101
  • Our Stories, Our Voices: Insights into lives of lesbians 70 and older
  •  Building a Better Masculinity for Our Movement
  •  Queer Performance, Theatre, and Abjection
  •  So You Want to Be An Ally
  •  Effecting Positive Change Using Established Systems
  •  Poetry for the Revolution
  • When the World Asks You to be Either Queer or Asian American, Do You Choose Only One?
  •  Shifting the Paradigm: How We Influence and Change Our Places of Work and Education
  • Self-Preservation in Times of Oppression
  • Butches, Femmes, Daddies, Bois, Tops, Bottoms, Bulldaggers, & Lipstick Lesbians: Queering Gender & Sexuality, Historical & Contemporary "Queer"ies

Diversity In Education Conference


Registration is open now:

Student of Color Conference


The conference is guided by five main themes:

  1. Identity Development: introduce students to concepts and structures that will strengthen their ethnic and/or racial identity.
  2. Awareness of Others: these workshops are designed to increase students’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding related to race, ethnicity, and other differences of groups other than their own. 
  3. Skill Development: students build and learn skills that they can use to achieve their full potential. 
  4. Social Justice/Social Activism: these workshops will introduce and/or advance students’ understanding of the importance of becoming social agents of change.
  5. Personal Development: students learn the importance of health and wellness issues related to the mind, body, and soul.

CONFERENCE GOAL:The goal of the conference is to support Washington State students to become more active proponents of their own education and life choices, and expand the opportunities and possibilities for students to become agents of change.

For information about attending please contact: Yadira Rosales at