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Open Forum: Advising Policy Revisions

A key component of SVC’s Student Achievement Strategy is a revised Advising Policy that is the culmination of over two years of work by administrators, faculty, staff, and counselors. 

We believe the advising policy will provide:


·         A mechanism to better assist students in aligning their educational interests with a Meta Major and educational path.

·         Better access to the critical information, resources, and relationships necessary to achieve their college and career goals.

·         Greater advisor support for the student over the first two quarters of classes.

·         Greater opportunities for college engagement between the advisor and advisee.


When this new policy is fully in place, it will provide quality advising for ALL degree-seeking students, not just those who are required to take a First Quarter Experience (FQE) course.


The policy provides a check-in with students in their second quarter prior to registering for their third quarter classes. This will enable counselors, advisors, and navigators to ensure a student is enrolling in a class that may be required for a second-year sequencing of classes.

For example: A student may need to complete a critical prerequisite course prior to enrolling in a sequence of classes in fall quarter of the second year.


Under our current policy students are only required to see an advisor prior to first quarter registration.


Without this new policy, there would be no requirement for a student to see an advisor after they have registered for first-quarter classes. There would also be no mechanism to require a student exempted from a FQE class to seek an advisor’s assistance before registering for second quarter classes.


We believe the new policy will help students build better relationships with their advisor and studies have proven that increased college engagement fosters increased student success.


We are asking SVC faculty, staff, and students to review the proposed changes to SVC advising policy and provide your feedback and helpful comments.


We will be holding  live public hearings on January 13th at 3:00 PM on the Mount Vernon & Whidbey Island campuses.  The locations for those live hearing will be sent out soon.


Thank you for your thoughtful review and consideration.

Advising Policy Open Forum