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Life Transitions Program

About the Program

The Life Transitions Program offers  free Turning Point classes and workshops which include intensive Career Exploration and Job Search techniques to assist those individuals who need to make major changes in their lives and seek new opportunities for education, training or employment. The program is housed in the in the East Campus Center Building on the Mount Vernon campus and in Old Main Hall on the Whidbey Island campus.

Orientation/Information sessions are held each Wednesday (except during holiday breaks) at 1:30 pm.  Please contact the Life Transitions Program to register. or call 1-877-385-5360, ext 7762 or 360-416-7762.

The program also offers Legal resource and referral information.  Services include: help with accessing legal forms, court locations, hours, fees, court etiquette and legal procedures with correspondence and filing.

Contact Christy Eichler at 360-416-6622 or  Hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am - 2pm

"Of all the accomplishments that I have made, perhaps the one I am most proud of isn't something specific that I did, but perhaps a way I have chosen to think aboutt living, about life and about people.  I understand what free will is.  It's waking every day with the knowledge that your free will determines the outcome of everything.  If something bad happens to you, you have the choice to feed sorry for yourself, or to ask yourself what lesson you can learn from it, and somehow find the positive in it.  So, while all of the projects and jobs I have been successful at make me feel a sense of pride, they pale in comparison to the pride and confidence I feel when I am able to make it through rough periods in my life without succumbing to despair."

—Tiffany McCormick, Turning Point Graduate 2009

What graduates say about the program

If you were going to tell someone else about taking the program, what would be the important things you would tell them?

That there is no way you can fail; that there is a lot of information that can help you further your education and improve your self-esteem and self-worth.

How you will have the opportunity to set your self on a life changing path; and the courage to do so.

Life Transitions helps you identify strengths in yourself and gives you the tools and resources you need to make a positive change in your life.

It will change your life – I guarantee it!  Personal growth, friendship, self-worth; you'll probably leave the class doing or planning to do something you never thought possible before.

Turning Point Classes

Turning Point Classes Day classes on the Mount Vernon campus start each month.  Students must attend an orientation.  Orientations are every Wednesday at 1:30pm.

Evening, Spanish and classes in Oak Harbor are also offered each quarter.  Please call for information regarding start days and times

Call for information  360-416-7762