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Frequent Questions

What kitchen supplies will I need to bring?

If you have some extra pots and pans, glasses, or utensils - bring them if possible. Your roommates may have a lot / or very little in the way of supplies. There are some thrift  stores in the area that residents favor for supplies.  Items there are "used" but very inexpensive. The Mount Vernon / Burlington area boasts a wide variety of stores, either independent or within shopping malls if you favor new items.

Is smoking allowed in the buildings or apartments?

Campus View Village maintains a "NO SMOKING" policy in all indoor areas. Residents comply with this by smoking outside on downstairs porch, patio, and deck areas. Public ashtrays are provided for each building, while some residents prefer to use their personal ones. For non smoking residents, seven apartments are located in one building that is designated as entirely smoke free. Students are not permitted to smoke at all within 20 feet of the building. Availability is limited, so please call for information. It is also prefered that you indicate your preference for the non-smoking building on your application. We do our best to meet that request, when possible.

Is there parking available for my automobile?

Ample parking is available for residents who choose to bring a vehicle with them to Campus View Village. Residents must register their vehicles with the Residence Life Office and SVC security personnel. The parking lot is private and reserved for Campus View Village residents and their guests only. Annual Campus View Village parking permits are available for students at a cost of $25.00 and run from fall quarter to fall quarter..

Are pets allowed at Campus View Village?

For reasons of health and sanitation pets (of any type) are not to be kept on the premises.

When can I expect some quiet time to study or sleep?

Noise that unreasonably disrupts roommates or neighbors at any time will not be tolerated. During "Quiet Hours" noise should not be heard outside of an apartment. Quiet Hours are in place during the following times:

  • 10:00 p.m. through 9:00 a.m. each night, Sunday through Thursday
  • Midnight through 9:00 a.m. each night, Friday and Saturday

How do roommates handle buying food and supplies?

Residents handle the purchasing of food items in several different ways, depending on their tastes, friendships, and money situations. Some pool their money and buy items to be used in common, such as toilet paper, kitchen condiments, cleaning items and paper towels. Others take turns (a weekly rotation) when buying the common items. Some roommates make buying items a personal choice -- where each roommate buys for his/her self. The key to roommates "getting along well" is to make certain that no matter what system is used, each roommate understands and agrees to that system.

What if my roommates are "neat freaks?"
What if my roommates are "slobs?"

The Residence Life Staff suggests that residents from each apartment create a cleaning schedule that pleases all. One such proven method is to schedule a complete cleaning of the common areas once a week, for example, from 6pm to 7pm on Sunday nights. Duties for kitchen, living room and bathroom can be rotated from week to week. Bedrooms are usually cleaned at the discretion of the occupant. Roommates who create a cleaning schedule report more positive relationships with one another and a higher degree of overall satisfaction with their living conditions. Each quarter, residents at Campus View Village are expected to complete a "Roommate Agreement" as a group to ensure that communication is being maintained within the apartment and that shared standards within each apartment meet or exceed CVV expectations.