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SVC Nursing Degree Map

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3
MATH 97 – 5 cr
ENGL& 101 – 5 cr
CSS 103 – 2 cr
MATH 98 – 5 cr
CHEM& 121 – 5 cr
NURS 100 – 8 cr
MATH& 146 – 5 cr
NUTR& 101 – 5 cr
BIOL& 160 – 5 cr
Quarter 4 Quarter 5 Quarter 6
BIOL& 241 – 5 cr
PSYC& 100 – 5 cr
CMST& 220 – 5 cr

BIOL& 242 – 5 cr
PSYC& 200 – 5 cr
ENGL& 102 – 5 cr

BIOL& 260 – 5 cr
SPAN& 121 – 5 cr
Quarter 7    
Pre–Nursing DTA only
SOC& 101 – 5 cr
Humanities – 5 cr
CHEM& 131 – 5 cr
Pre–Nursing DTA requirements also include: Two Integrative Learning Experiences. Options vary annually.    

MATH placement may vary.
REQUIRED before applying for Nursing DTA.
RECOMMENDED to fulfill 5 credits of humanities requirement.
NOT REQUIRED for either degree.

In most cases, courses not required for either degree are ineligible for financial aid funding. Students should be prepared to fund these courses on their own.

IMPORTANT: Meet with your nursing advisor quarterly to make sure you're on track.

For our most frequently asked questions go to our Nursing FAQ page: Nursing FAQs

For information about entry requirements for Skagit’s Nursing Program:  Admissions

Skagit Valley College Nursing Degree Options

Associate in Nursing DTA: TGraduates who complete the Associate in Nursing DTA/MRP degree are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) exam to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. Passing the NCLEX-RN exam and completion of this transfer degree provide the general education and nursing courses for direct transfer with only one additional year of study to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at four-year institutions in Washington state. While the agreements with baccalaureate institutions assure the transfer of credit, the admission to a particular university program is not assured. Each institution has separate admission criteria which can be based on grades and other considerations.  The Associate in Nursing DTA is a selective admission degree program; for this reason Federal regulations limit funding for the pre-requisites to apply for the program to 12 consecutive months of Direct Loans only. Once admitted, students become eligible for full financial aid funding. Nursing DTA Progress Tracker

Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA:  Graduates with this degree will have completed 90 credits at Skagit and will be eligible to apply to a variety of nursing programs at 4-year universities. If they are accepted to one of these universities, they can complete their RN and BSN by the time of graduation from the 4-year university. Note that this option requires moving or commuting to another part of the state for the nursing program. Pre-Nursing DTA Progress Tracker

Associate in Nursing ATA (LPN to RN Program): Students that have already earned their Practical Nursing License and have completed the necessary RN prerequisite courses may apply to Skagit’s LPN to RN program. If admitted, students will complete their Associate in Nursing RN in one year. Learn More >

Financial Aid Considerations

The Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA is eligible for financial aid grant and Direct Loan funding. The Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA degree encompasses all of the course requirements for Skagit’s selective admission Nursing DTA program, which provides a step-out option, if you are admitted.

Nursing Advising Sessions

Advising Sessions Winter Quarter 2017 will be on Mondays at 10:30am in Rm A225 (MV Campus):

  • January 9, 23, 30
  • February 6, 13, 27
  • March 6, 13

Spring Quarter 2017 Advising will be every Monday at 12:30 p.m. in Angst Hall Rm A238  (MV Campus):

  • April 10, 17, 24
  • May 1, 8, 15, 22
  • June 5, 12

Pre-Nursing Advisors:, MV, MV, MV, MV, WIC