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If you’ve always been interested in solving complex problems or in learning more about how our world works, you might want to look into some of the STEM programs at SVC. These immersive disciplines in the sciences, technology fields, engineering and mathematics will form the foundation for a variety of careers or academic pursuits. Read below to learn more!


SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATH: As our world becomes more dependent on technology and innovation, STEM graduates are in high demand across the country and around the world. Skagit Valley College offers a wide range of programs for students who want to start building their careers in these challenging, fascinating fields.  

At SVC you’ll have lots of choices if you’re interested in a STEM discipline. You can study the sciences (Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Earth Sciences like Astronomy, Geology or Oceanography; Natural Sciences or Physics), technology (Computer Information Systems, Computer Science or Multimedia & Interactive Technology), engineering or mathematics.


Life Sciences
  • Biology
  • Environmental Conservation Aquatic/Terrestrial AAS-T
  • Environmental Conservation Marine AAS-T
  • Environmental Conservation AAS-T (UW/UID)
  • Environmental Science AS-T (Track 1)
  • Environmental Sustainable Agriculture AAS-T
Physical Sciences
  • University College Transfer DTA
  • Chemistry AS-T (Track 1)
  • Physics/Engineering AS-T (Track 2)
  • Geology AS-T (Track 1)


  • Computer Science
  • Computer Information Systems ATA
  • Computer Science AS-T (Track 2)


  • Engineering Technology Transfer
  • Engineering Technology ATA (Under Manufacturing)
  • Operations Management ATA


  • University College Transfer DTA

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