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Degree Options

At Skagit Valley College, you'll find many types of degrees. Each has its own requirements and applications. Within these degree and certificate options, you may choose general or specific areas of study or disciplines.

Applied Baccalaureate Degree (BAS)

Some people get a non-transfer, professional-technical degree at a community or technical college and later decide they'd like to pursue a bachelor's degree. Many community colleges now offer applied bachelor's degrees so these students don't have to start from scratch at a university. Instead, students can take two more years of upper-level coursework at the community or technical college to earn a four-year degree. With more and more employers requiring bachelor's degrees, this option gives people another path to a four-year degree.

BAS stands for Bachelor of Applied Science. An "applied science" degree prepares students to enter directly into the workforce after graduation.

Associate in Arts Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA)

The Associate of Arts Direct Transfer degree is designed to provide students with a broad background during their first and second year of study so that they can transfer to a four-year school as a junior. These degrees are often abbreviated as AA-DTA. (The DTA stands for Direct Transfer Agreement.)

Some transfer degrees help prepare students for a particular major, like business or nursing. These are called "Major-Related Programs" and are sometimes abbreviated as MRP/DTA.

Associate in Science-Transfer Degree (AS-T)

The Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree is designed for students who want to major in engineering and science. This degree recognizes that science majors will often need to take more science in the first two years of college and take additional general education requirements after transferring.

There are two degree tracks:

  • Track 1 is for science students who wish to focus on biological and environmental/resource sciences, geology and earth science or chemistry.
  • Track 2 is for students who wish to focus on engineering, computer science, physics or atmospheric science.

Be sure to work with your advisor to check the requirements for the specific science major at the university you plan to attend.

Associate in Technical Arts (ATA)

The Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degree is designed for students who are preparing to enter a career field. Although certain courses in this degree may transfer to baccalaureate institutions, you are advised that many courses in this degree are not usually transferable because of their specialized nature. If you are interested in continuing your studies after earning the ATA degree, consult with a counselor or the department chair as well as your intended transfer institution for specific transfer options available to you.

Associate of Applied Science-Transfer Degree (AAS-T)

Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degrees are two-year, job-training degrees. They transfer to universities only in certain fields and only if the university has an agreement with the specific community or technical college.

Check with your advisor to make sure this is the right path for your transfer goals.

Associate in Arts General Studies AA

The Associate in Arts General Studies Degree is appropriate for students whose primary goal is to earn a two-year college degree. It may be suitable for you if you wish to apply credit by challenge, independent study, CLEP, professional/technical, or military programs to courses not included in the University and College Transfer Degree where applicable.

This degree is not designed to be a transfer degree. It is strongly recommended that students taking the AA General Studies degree and desiring to transfer to a four-year college or university seek the assistance of an advisor to plan an appropriate course of study.