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Graphic Identity

Dear Colleagues and Community Members,

It is with great pride that we present to you Skagit Valley College's Graphic Identity Guide. The college's official logo, seal, mascot and other visual images refer to regional traditions, our natural environment and the distinctive mission the college serves in our communities.

Over the past several years our Public Information Office has developed consistent district-wide themes in promoting SVC's image, programs and events. Their work has been recognized nationally through awards from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations. We care about these graphic standards because we believe that Skagit Valley College has an essential and important role to play in higher education, regionally and nationally. We have a story that is important to tell.

Graphic standards are not the story. The story is written each day by the many talented faculty, students, and administrators who comprise the SVC community. Graphic standards are a vehicle for enabling our story to be heard in a cluttered and busy communications landscape. We compete for attention with many other institutions. Use of a clear set of graphic standards is one of the ways in which we keep the attention of our viewers, readers and listeners focused on the message, rather than the clutter of mismatched elements.

Please join me in preserving the integrity of our visual and verbal identity by using this graphic identity guide with pride.

Carl Young,
Director of College Advancement

Graphic Identity Contacts

Public Information Office
Arden Ainley, Director

Graphic Designer
Don Cairns

Web Services & Marketing
James Walters