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Campus View Village (or CVV for short) is a cluster of contemporary Northwest-style apartment buildings nestled in a wooded, park-like setting on the northwest border of Skagit Valley College's Mount Vernon Campus. CVV is just steps away from Skagit Valley College's classrooms, library, computer labs, campus theatre, gymnasium, and other campus services. The community also adjoins jogging trails and playfields.

About Campus View Village

Campus View Village is Skagit Valley College's only on-campus living and learning community, supporting students from all over the world and offering a structured, supportive environment for the holistic development of SVC students.

Each apartment is comprised of a shared common space and four individual bedrooms, within which CVV staff assigns a student on the basis of their needs and preferences listed on her/his application. Residents are encouraged to develop effective critical thinking skills, interpersonal communication techniques, and personal responsibility by interacting daily with their diverse roommates and neighbors. Additionally, students are encouraged to attend frequent social and educational events organized by CVV staff and student volunteers.

Campus View Village Mission

CVV Mission Statement: "Students living at Campus View Village are exposed to principles of lifelong learning by engaging in a safe and inclusive living/learning environment so that they may positively contribute to diverse local and global communities."

Campus View Village staff carry-out this mission in various ways, including supporting intercultural connections by assigning students from different countries into apartments, enhancing the social nature of the community by planning and presenting fun activities on a regular basis, and developing effective leadership skills by offering an open "Village Council" student club.

Safe Living Environment

The primary goal of Campus View Village is to provide students with a living environment that places high value on personal improvement through education. In support of this value set, Resident Assistants are escorted by security personnel during "Quiet Hours" as they walk "rounds"; this ensures residents that the "volume of the complex" is kept down at night to allow for studying or a good night's sleep. Quiet Hours exist between the hours of:

  • 10:00 p.m. through 9:00 a.m. each night, Sunday through Thursday
  • Midnight through 9:00 a.m. each night, Friday and Saturday

In addition to providing support for the RA staff each evening, Skagit Valley College Security makes regular sweeps of our area and patrols our parking lots to ensure that Campus View is as safe as possible.


Campus View Village residents come from around the world and provide broad cultural diversity. The living environment becomes a learning environment as roommates and neighbors interact with one another through casual discussions or organized events. Because of the diversity of programs offered by Skagit Valley College, Campus View Village has become a true "melting pot" --- where students in various backgrounds and cultures discover the common value sets necessary to function as roommates, neighbors, and as a community.

Campus View Village's physical setting is quite stunning, as well. Nestled in a quiet wooded area next to a public walking trail and only minutes from the bustling activity of SVC's campus center, CVV is as much convenient as it is private.

More Than Just A Place to Sleep

One of the goals of the Residence Life Staff is to provide a positive living and learning environment for students. Leadership and educational opportunities are available through social and informational programs.

Due to our close proximity to both campus and the local transit service, many residents find it unnecessary to own a car. The local public transportation (SKAT) bus stop is located close to the village. Students may purchase a rider card for transportation service to just about anywhere in the Skagit Valley.

Campus View Village also offers a unique mix of academic and social opportunities designed to encourage collaboration and interpersonal connections. The CVV office houses two computers that open for student use, as well as a foosball table, big screen TV, community access kitchen, and student meeting space.

Spring 2016 through Summer 2017

Pay your Campus View Village rent and fees online via the SVC Student Toolbox Secure Online Services (STSOS):

Contact Us

Campus View Village
Birch Building
2410 Sigmar Lane #100
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Chad Pettay
Associate Director for Residence Life
Ph: (360) 416-7867
Fax: (360) 416-6637

Shannon O'Neil
Administrative Services Manager
Ph: (360) 416-7650
Fax: (360) 416-6637